The price of mobile SIM cards have come down significantly in Myanmar, thus making mobile phone access much more affordable to the general population. The main government supplier is MPT, Myanmar Postal and Telecommunications whose mobile network is the most extensive to date with access in most major and some rural towns, however, Telenor and Ooredoo SIM cards are now widely available too. Cost of a SIM card is now a standard 1,500 kyats. Top-up cards can also be purchased from 5,000 to 10,000 kyats and higher.

Data Network Activation

Data network access is also possible on your SIM card in Myanmar. If you're using an MPT SIM card, follow the steps below to activate your data network service.

1. Ensure that you have more than 10,000 kyats credit  in your balance on your pre-paid SIM card.

2. In the Celluar Data settings of your mobile phone, tab or other mobile device, go to 'Settings, Celluar, Celluar Data Network and set the APN setting to mptnet. Usernames and passwords should also be set to mptnet

3. Send the following SMS message to the number 1331;

Orderdata service

4. You should receive a confirmation SMS with the message;

Dear customer, you have ordered product service successfully! Please restart your handset.

Your data network access has just been activated. Cost of the data service (such as Internet browsing, Skype, whatsapp etc) is 4 kyats per minute.